Does any fee represent income from an outside provider?

It does not represent any additional cost, you simply must abide by all the guidelines of the hotel, in the same way, be responsible for any damage.

What is the percentage of support that you have, in case a guest arrives unexpectedly?

It is considered 10% of the contracted. It is important to have a guarantee, for the charge of these additional. 

Can you take photos at the hotel? Does it have any cost?

When contracting your package with us, this becomes a benefit, if you only require the space, the rate is negotiable. 

Payment Methods:

Electronic bank transfer, credit and/or debit card, cash.

Can I enter my own food?

Due to hotel policies, safety and hygiene protocols (Distinctive H and Clean Point), it is only allowed to provide our food and beverage service.

How much percentage can I save the place for my wedding?

It can be set aside with 10% of the total of the event so that we can enter it into our system. 

Do my guests have any special prices on rooms?

Of course, we can enter an open code with a special rate so that guests can book individually, we can even send them a link to enter virtual invitations. One of the advantages of our properties is that we have this benefit in both Presidente InterContinental® Puebla and Holiday Inn® Express.

Do you have a dance floor?

Yes, we can offer our house tracks that are wooden modules, or we can recommend our suppliers that have LED tracks. 

Can I bring my own photographer?

Of course, in the purchase of any of our packages we do not charge any additional cost. 

Do the packages include a menu test?

Yes, we can arrange the menu test on the day you like, it can be for up to 6 people. 

Can I do my civil ceremony? Does it represent an additional cost?

We have different scenarios for this type of ceremony, such as the heliport, Mexican Yard, in short, the space that best suits you, which we can provide the space at no additional cost. 

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